Project Just Because seeks to help all individuals in need. Preregistration online is preferred for some programs and this helps us to fulfill orders in an efficient manner and collect data.  

Racial Equity: Hunger is a racial equity issue. Project Just Because acknowledges that racism and injustice continue on in our country. We are committed to supporting those most in need and continue our commitment to stand against racism, hate and fear. There is much work to do, and we will do our part to make sure everyone that visits us has access to healthy food no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, or age. We continue to operate with an understanding that race matters and our role in addressing racism is important, now more than ever. Change starts with(in) each of us. We must come together as a community and as neighbors to help shape a more just, loving, and peaceful world for all.

Accessibility: This is defined in many ways. We are working to remove all language and physical barriers at Project Just Because. One of the ways is that our website is offered in many different languages-it will automatically translate to the one you choose. We are proud to say we have two staff on hand that know American Sign Language as well. We have ramps to accommodate our guests that require wheelchairs or walkers and that allow us to accompany them in any of our many entrances. We also offer flexible volunteer hours and remote work for volunteers who may not have the ability to leave home or would like to work later in the evening. 
Values: Project Just Because is founded on the principle that every person has a right to have their fundamental needs met and deserves to be treated with unconditional dignity and respect. Everyone-regardless of race, religion, nationality or citizenship status, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, or any other dimension of identity-will always be welcome, safe, and cared for at Project Just Because. All our volunteers and employees agree to act as a good representatives of Project Just Because by always adhering to a standard of conduct which reflects these values.

Sensitivity: We have worked some with the Hopkinton Freedom Team, an organization formed to promote inclusion in town, about how to be sensitive in how we talk about certain programs recognizing that – for example – many indigenous people do not celebrate thanksgiving but rather see it as a day of mourning and that both our branding and the services (by having meals other than turkeys for instance so folks are not excluded just because they do not observe the holiday in the traditional mainstream way) should be respectful of that perspective.  We have a team member who have been part of the P.R.I.D.E Trans101 Training to learn more about identities related to sex, gender, gender identity, and gender expression to get a better understanding and be more affirming.